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There are people who take the heart right out of you, and there are those who put it back in.   Which one are you? 

If the idea of filling someone’s heart with joy gives you goosebumps, then you just might have what it takes to be a “Champion for Love” sales associate at Appelt’s Diamonds. 

Now if providing endless joy doesn’t motivate you, then this may not be the job for you.. 
Still reading? That means you’re committed. Which is good cause we’re looking for 2 individuals who’ll make the most of this miracle of a career opportunity and never want to leave. 

Are you teachable? Driven to succeed? Are you a good listener who enjoys making others over-the-moon happy? 
Do you like being rewarded for your hard work with individual and team bonuses? How about benifits and incentives exclusive to employees at Appelts? 

Outstanding. We like that about you. We’re betting there are other things about you that we’ll like. Shoot us an email with your resume and little bit about who you are and why you would like to work for us? 

Appelt’s Diamonds is growing like crazy and we need motivated, charismatic and career-minded people like you. 

Now hiring for Full-Time and Part-Time positions at all city locations.  

Please send your resume to

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The Appelts Diamonds Experience

Teaching you to be a Fabulous Diamond Expert

For anyone, buying a diamond is one of the biggest purchases of a life time.  As an the educated buyer, it is also one of life's best investments.

For 3 generations, the Appelt family has dedicated itself to offering the world's finest diamonds at the lowest prices in the province.  And to help you make the most informed purchase possible, we take our commitment to educate each and every customer very seriously.

Stop by any Appelt's location and you will learn:

  • How the cut of a diamond can create the finest sparkle
  • How to compare at least 2 diamonds for colour and brilliance
  • What to look for when viewing a diamond under a high-powered Microscope
  • How to determine the balance of colour, clairity and carat weight that will offer you the finest diamond for your individual budget
We know that once you learn a few of the finer points of diamond buying, you'll be as passionate about diamond quality as we are. Stop by and see us today!
Appelts Diamonds - Sharing love stories with the world since 1939

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