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Your Belgium
Diamond Connection

What’s the difference between
Appelt’s and other jewellery stores?
About 6,500 kilometres.

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Your Belgium
Diamond Connection

What’s the difference between Appelt’s and other jewellery stores? About 6,500 kilometres.

6,500 kilometres is the distance from Winnipeg to Antwerp, Belgium—the diamond capital of the world.

Twice each year, we travel to Antwerp in search of world-class diamonds. We traverse narrow brick streets and wind through historic architecture in search of the most respected and admired diamond merchants in the world.

Each time we visit Antwerp, we spend a lot of time inspecting every diamond for cut, clarity, and colour. Our standards are high and our process is rigorous—only 1 out of every 30 diamonds is chosen for the return trip to Winnipeg.

So, what makes a Belgium diamond special? Jeff Appelt says it best: "Yes, the cut, carat, clarity and colour are of utmost importance, but there's something more to it—something intangible. The diamonds we choose give off a unique energy. We just know when a Belgium diamond is going to be the perfect match for a customer with an extraordinary love story to tell."

Similar to love, diamonds have their own unique and extraordinary energy.

About Us


Antwerp, Belgium is the diamond distribution capital of the world. Each year, billions of diamonds are traded there, and naturally, Antwerp is home to some of the world’s most prestigious diamond cutters and polishers.

The selection in Antwerp is second to none. A large selection means our customers will get brilliant diamonds at great prices.

The outstanding beauty of a Belgium diamond is easy to see with the naked eye. When handpicking our diamonds, the sparkle, or cut, is very important.

An excellent cut is one of the reasons people are attracted to our Belgium collection—Belgium diamonds have extraordinary brilliance.


When the Appelt’s team travels to Belgium, we painstakingly inspect hundreds of diamonds. We readily discard the ones that don’t meet Appelt’s standards, and set aside the ones that do.

When we find a diamond that meets our quality and beauty standards, we’re always completely confident that we’ve purchased a high quality diamond for the right price.

Belgium diamonds set beautifully in different jewellery: Rings, earrings, pendants, and anywhere else you can set a diamond. Appelt’s certified Belgium diamond experts will help you choose the setting and stone of your dreams.

Belgium diamonds are perfect for any occasion—engagements, weddings, anniversaries, ceremonies, or celebrations. Whether traditional or contemporary, you create your own dazzling masterpiece in the style you love most. Tell your love story with a Belgium diamond.

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